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What are you waiting for? I cannot begin to tell you how spot on Apollo is. He has great energy and insight! I have had multiple readings and every time it's mind blowing. Thanks again Apollo!

-Tanya Randolph 

Apollo has a gift that goes beyond the cards. He can channel source directly and is so rooted in the messages he receives from my guides and is able to discern messages that come through. His gift of Channeling allows for immediate conscious actionable results with pure clarity. I have had dozens of readings in the past and his clarity call has been the most enlightening! He is there to hold space for what you want to gain insight and clarity on. Will definitely be booking again for multiple sessions and readings !!!!!

-Ivan Rose Potter

I came to Apollo after suffering a terrible family incident and it was weighing heavy on my heart, I am an open-minded person we so proceeded immediately with a Soul Session as Apollo suggested this due to the PTSD response and Traumatic experience. I am so happy I connected with him, he was able to open to my energy and received feelings and visions specific to my situation. I am in awe of how he can so openly pour into another soul and help them shift. I feel so different now, lighter, more relaxed, more myself again. If you have PTSD, relationship issues, or spiritual struggle you've been experiencing please connect with Apollo. He released in one session what years of therapy has not begun to even touch. I hope that this helps someone who is needing to find their freedom again someone who is ready to begin anew, Apollo takes his passion seriously and he is the most intuitive healer I've met thus far. Your life will be different because you met him I can assure you that. 


Apollo has such a calm and positive demeanor. He delivers message from Spirit with empathy,  he doesn't get caught up in negativity. He simply advises how to move toward one's higher self, regardless of where you are coming from. The impromptu message I received from him recently totally resonated, and I did not provide any details, or insight. This is proof  to me that he is in tune to SOURCE.

-LaToya C

Amazing reading! Apollo was spot on with current things going on in my life right now. He was 100% accurate with everything he said in my reading. Yes, I would definitely recommend him.

-Sally Sophay 

I had a healing session done the other day with Apollo, it was amazing. I feel I’ve gotten quite comfortable in the chaotic energy that is my life right now, I felt so weighted and relaxed and he definitely picked up on a lot of things I’m dealing with. I received a few card pull today and his cards were spot on! I absolutely recommend a healing, reading any of it with Apollo he’s wonderful!

-Michala C. 

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